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CarPro Clarify Glass Cleaner

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CarPro Clarify

CARPRO Reset was formulated as the perfect partner to nanotechnology based sealants and coatings, with cleaning properties tailored to their unique needs. Utilizing intelligent pH surfactants, Reset breaks down road grime and traffic films with the power of an alkaline cleaner, whilst being as gentle on the surface as a pH-neutral shampoo. Afterwards Reset quickly rinses free from the surface, leaving behind no soap residues or interfering silicones, and restoring the beading and dirt releasing properties (The ‘Hydrophobic Effect’) of the surface to help maintain its protection.

Type of Product:  Glass Cleaner Spray


  1. Pair with a Cloudbuster or CARPRO GlassFiber cleaning towel for superior results.
  2. Spray 1-2 sprays on the surface or on the towel.
  3. Wipe surface with firm pressure.
  4. Flip towel to clean dry side or use separate clean dry towel for final wipe.

Additional Cleaning Tips:

  1. Clean interior glass last (after all interior dressing is complete).
  2. Fold glass cleaning towel twice (into quarters) When in use keep flat and folded so cleaning and wiping pressure is evenly distributed.
  3. Never finish glass with a dirty or saturated towel.
  4. On interior of glass - finish in left to right direction. On exterior of glass - finish in vertical direction. In this manner you can easily identify which side of the glass a streak is on IF you see one after cleaning. 


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 (1) CarPro Clarify Glass Cleaner


Sizes: 1 Gallon, 1000ml (34oz), 500ml (17oz)

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