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Yellow Alpha Candy

  • $ 2500


This translucent pigment is tinted with a vibrant blue to offer some of the deepest most custom colors possible. Alpha Candies are the perfect way to take your next liquid wrap to the next level. Our candies are perfect in a matte, satin, semi gloss, or high gloss finish! They can be mixed into LUX True Vinyl, LUX LPC, Plasti dip, DipPearl TopCoat, or Halo EFX Real Clear, Spray wrap pro, spray shield and sprayed over or mixed in with the pearl of your choice. Each bottle contains enough Candy to treat 1 gallon of sprayable product, and we suggest anywhere between 1 and 3 coats per car.*When layering over top of a pearl, we recommend using 1/2 a bottle per gallon of product*

Best Uses:

First Speedshape: Electric Yellow Base, topped with 50g/gal Solar Yellow Mixed with 1/2 bottle Yellow Alpha Candy. Gloss finish

Second Speedshape: Electric Yellow base, topped with 50g/gal Vitamin C mixed with 1/2 bottle of Yellow Alpha Candy. Gloss finish

*We recommend mixing with or spraying over Solar Yellow. Over Silver it becomes slightly green*

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