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Hades SuperFlake Pearls

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Hades SuperFlake Pearls



Check out our Blog Post on the Audi RS6 liquid wrapped in Hades SuperFlake™ Pearls!

Our line of SuperFlake Pearls™ are unlike other pearls on the market in a few ways. They are large particle, "flaked" Super Colorshifts. By "flaked" what we mean is they are not heavily crushed pigments. This means that each particle is a different size and shape rather than a consistent fine powder like other pearls. 


Key information about SuperFlake Pearls:

  • Recommended load is 10g/gallon of clear 
  • We suggest using a shredder or at the very least a mixing paddle on a drill to avoid clumping and so it sprays easily out of the gun.
  • SuperFlake Pearls need to be mixed well prior to spraying each coat to avoid clumping.
  • SuperFlake Pearls do not add texture to the surface of your job like microflakes do.
  • SuperFlake Pearls are to be sprayed out of a 1.4 or larger tip when used on a large project such as a full vehicle.
  • SuperFlake Pearls are extremely vibrant Super Colorshift pearls that are some of the highest quality pearls available.
  • SuperFlake Pearls should always be topped with a minimum of 1 coat of clear product on top

Audi RS6: 10g/gal into clear liquid wrap over a Pitch Black base in a high gloss finish by DipMyVehicle in the UK 

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