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Maui SubtleShift Over Jade Green WRX Installed By Rogue Enterprises

Posted by Thomas Nelson on


This Subaru WRX received the perfect Mint Green-Tiffany Blue SubtleShift by Rogue Enterprises using our Jade Green Drop In Pigment as a base and topped it with 50g/gal Maui SubtleShift!

Alpha Installer: Rogue Enterprises in Baltimore , MD

What Was Used: 

-Jade Green Drop In Pigment  in Halo EFX Real Clear

-50g/gal of Maui SubtleShift Pearl in Halo EFX Real Clear

-Topped with Halo EFX True Gloss For a High Gloss Finish

Alpha Pigments Maui SubtleShift over Jade green Subaru wrxMaui SubtleShift over Jade green base alpha pigments

Maui SubtleShift Pearl Over Jade Green Alpha PigmentsAlpha Pigments Maui SubtleShift Pearl Over Jade Green Subaru Wrx Alpha Pigments Maui SubtleShift Pearl Over Jade Green Subaru Wrx Alpha Pigments Maui SubtleShift Pearl Over Jade Green Subaru Wrx


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