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Xenon Colorshift

  • $ 3000

Xenon Colorshift
Purple/pink/blue/gold colorshift
Available in 25 gram or 5 Gram Sample Bags

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  1. Xenon Colorshift on Toyota by A1 Dipping
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  3. Xenon Colorshift on BMW by Rogue Enterprises
  4. Xenon Colorshift on Audi A6 by Elite Auto Coatings

Base: Pitch Black, Wicked White, Proton Purple

-Golf R has a pitch black base with 50g/gal of xenon and topped with True gloss. Sprayed by Midwest CC owned by Steven
-Evolution has a wicked white base, 75g/gal of Xenon Colorshift and topped with Halo Efx True gloss. installed by Florida Specialty Coatings
-Legacy has a pitch black base,75g/gal of Xenon Colorshift in halo efx for a satin finish. Installed by VT dips