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Tamco HC2104 High Solids Clearcoat - NEW

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Euro 2:1 Clearcoat Kit

HC-2104 was designed for the collision and custom industry as an ultra high solids clear that provides excellent mil build, gloss retention and D.O.I. At 54% ready to spray solid content this clear takes burying tape lines to a whole new level.

Tip from Tommy: If you are not familiar with spraying a thick clear coat, I would certainly recommend doing some test pannels to dial in your spray technique and gun settings *MOST PEOPLE WILL NEED TO INCREASE PSI AT THE GUN COMPARED TO THEIR NORMAL TECHNIQUE*. For me, I only use this clear when burying flake or tape lines, just because I can lay HC-4100 out better off the gun. 

HH7607 (Slow) - Ideal for 85+ degrees fahrenheit(if doing a large project in these temps use HC-4105 clearcoat)
HH7605 (Medium) - Ideal for 75-85 degrees fahrenheit (used in most applications)
HH7603 (Fast) - Ideal for 65-75 degrees fahrenheit (mostly used for small applications)

 Type of Product:  Direct to metal clear coat

 Mixing Ratio: 2:1 - see "Mixing and uses tab" for more info


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Mixing Ratios & Uses

Type  Clearcoat , Primer , or Basecoat Hardener Reducer
Full Strength 2

Max Reducer

2 1 As needed up to 10%


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Kits Includes:

 1 Gallon - HC2104 Clearcoat
 2 Quarts - HH7600 Series Hardener

  Gallon Kit Yields: 1.5 Gallons Sprayable


 1 Quart - HC2104 Clearcoat

 1 Pint - HH7600 Series Hardener

  Quart Kit Yields: 1.5 Quarts Sprayable


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