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RAL #1012 Drop-In Pigment - Alpha Pigments - Tamco Paint - DIY Epoxy - Autoflex Coatings

RAL #1012 Drop-In Pigment

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Lemon Yellow

Color Number: 1012

Type of pigment: Solid liquid pigment (No metallic or pearl)

Coverage: Great 1-3 coats

Finish suggestion: Gloss, matte, satin, or frosted finish

*All of the Pearl Enhancers, Alpha Drop-In Pigments and RAL Drop-In Pigments use our "Alpha Tints", so if you've tested them in your application, they will all have the same capability*


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Mixing Ratios & Uses

 Product Uses Mixing ratios
Autoflex Coatings (Spray Wrap Pro Express) 4oz per gallon sprayable
Halo Efx Real Clear

4oz per gallon sprayable

Dipyourcar Proline Matte clear

4oz per gallon sprayable

Performix Plastidip Tintable Base

4oz per gallon sprayable

Tamco HC895 Intercoat Clear 8oz per gallon sprayable (or 2qts unreduced)
Dip Pearl Topcoat (MATTE OR GLOSS) 4oz per gallon sprayable
Tintable Bedliner (test prior to use) 4oz per Liter
Epoxy Resins (test prior to use) .1-1oz per 5oz of resin
Plastic Resins (Plastisol) .1-1oz per 5oz of resin


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Contents of each order:

Each Drop-In Pigment is sold as 1 : 4oz Liquid Drop-In Pigment tints

(look at mixing and uses tab for compatibility)


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