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Painter Pro Bundle - Extra Small Spray Paint Suit

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Painter Pro Bundle - Extra Small Spray Paint Suit

Jump in like a pro by snagging our Painter Pro Bundle.

Type of Product: Painter Pro Bundle


Spray Paint Suit Men bundled with (Anest Iwata LPH-200, Anest Iwata LPH-400 HVLP, Anest Iwata LPH-400 LV, Anest Iwata LPH-80, Anest Iwata LS-400 (Supernova Entech), Anest Iwata (Supernova), Anest Iwata W-400 G, Anest Iwata W-400 LV, Anest Iwata WS-400 (Supernova Evotech), DevilBiss DV1 Basecoat, DevilBiss DV1 Clearcoat, DevilBiss GTI Pro (newest version), DevilBiss GTI Prolite, DevilBiss Tekna Basecoat, DevilBiss Tekna Copper, DevilBiss Tekna Primer, DevilBiss Tekna Pro, DevilBiss Tekna Prolite, DevilBiss Tekna Prolite Pressure Feed, DevilBiss Tekna Vigilante Special Edition, SATA 1500 B, SATA 2000 HVLP, SATA 3000 B RP, SATA 3000 HVLP, SATA 4000 B HVLP, SATA 4000 B RP, SATA 5000 B HVLP, SATA 5000 B RP, SATA Jet NR-2000, SATA Jet X 5500 HVLP, SATA Jet X 5500 RP, SATA Phaser 5000 B HVLP, SATA Phaser 5000 B RP, or TSS Pro HSE) Spray Paint Gun


**PLEASE NOTE, these items are all shipped by Luma III, expect 2-3 weeks for delivery**


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1 Painter Pro Bundle : 1 Extra Small Spray Paint Suit, 1 Spray Paint Gun LED Attachment (Aurora 2) & 1 Air Hose Hang System


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