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Midnight Purple 3 Super Colorshift

  • $ 18500
  • $ 18500

Midnight Purple 3 Super Colorshift
This is our take on the VERY popular OEM color Nissan offered on the R34 GTR in the 90s (pant code LXO). 
After persuing this color for years, we are finally happy with that we have to offer, and we think you will be too! This isnt a 100% match, but it is very close and a FRACTION of the price of the origional. This product wasnt only to replicate and lower the price, but to also offer this awesome color to the liquid wrap market, since until now, they were not able to achieve it!
This color will be recieved in a bottle, that is a mix of dry pearl pigment and various liquid pigments. 
Basecoat Required:  Pitch Black basecoat (as shown on sample photos)

CONTENTS: 1 Drop-in Pigment in a bottle
YEILDS: 1 Gallon Sprayable when mixed into clear basecoat
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  1. Open the bottle with the pigment inside
  2. Add the reccomended reducer for your medium into the bottle to fully liquify the pigments *read the "more information" below if reducer doesnt apply to you.*
  3. Reinstall the cap onto the pigment bottle and shake it for 30 seconds
  4. Pour the contents of the pigment bottle directly into your gallon of clear medium!
  5. Mix thoroughly with a paddle attachment on a drill or other similar mixing method
  6. Spray and ENJOY!
More Information:
Reducer reccomendations: 
-If using Spray wrap pro X , Plastidip Dip Pearl Topcoat, Proline, or Halo EFX : Xylene 
-If using traditional automotive paints : Manufacturer reccomended reducer
-If using Epoxy : No reducer, add some of activated epoxy into the bottle then pour into the larger mixing bucket. *make sure you have plenty of work time
All products listed above, you can also replaced the reccomended reducer with clear basecoat. 
Tested and compatible with these products:
-Spray Wrap Pro X Clear (Autoflex Coatings)
-Halo EFX Real Clear 
-Dip Pearl Topcoat - Plastidip (Dip Your Car)
-Tamco 895 Intercoat (Tamco Paints)
-Stone Coat Countertops Epoxy
-DIY Epoxy
This color will work with many mediums, please test and make sure your medium is chemically compatible with our drop-in pigments prior to purchasing this color (since its more expensive).