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Dicaprio Colorshift Pearl - Wholesale

  • $ 700

Dicaprio Colorshift Pearl

This color we have been working of for quite a long time. Its a new type of pearl, in a legue of its own. We desiged this color to be a "gray based" pearl. Meaning, the pigment itself is gray and then shows off other colors when sprayed over your desired basecoat.

Which means, it is perfect to be sprayed over our Leo-Nardo gray base as a color matched colorshift. You'll still see the ever-so-popular "nardo" color but with a twist of color over top! This is different than spraying a white based colorshift over leo-nardo, since its gray based, it wont mute the gray or lighten the color overall.


Samples are shown over Leo-Nardo Gray (first 4 photos) and Pitch black base coats.


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