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Diamond Silver

  • $ 1500

Diamond Silver

is one of our diamond pearls which reflects a sparkly and vibrant Silver hue in the sun and when used at a low load,  is hardly noticeable in the shade.


Diamond pearls are great to accent the base coat whether it be a solid base or a pearl base, but can also create many amazing finishes when mixing or layering with other pearls.

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Pearl Load: 15-45g/gal Depending on desired effect

Base: Pitch Black, Wicked White

*Highly recommend trying other color base coats or layer/mix with other pearls for a custom look!* 


-First Picture of the speed shape has a pitch black base with 15g/gal of Diamond silver and gloss finish

-Second speedshape: wicked white base with 30g/gal of Diamond silver and a gloss finish