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Coastal Colorshift

  • $ 3000

Coastal Colorshift 

is a very vibrant white based colorshift that shifts between:


Blog Posts including this color:


  1. Coastal Colorshift on Subaru WRX by Rogue Enterprises

Paint Project:

  1. Coastal Colorshift on 25 Foot Dragon by Beechwood Metalworks



Pearl Load: 75g/gal

Bases: Pitch Black, Wicked White

Veloster: Pitch Black Base then 75g/gal of Coastal in clear True vinyl and then Glossed with Lux Premium Gloss by Elite Auto Coatings in Walpole MA (also shows a satin picture while still masked up)

RSX: Wicked White base topped with 75g/gal Coastal Colorshift in a high gloss finish. Installed by Rogue Enterprises in Baltimore MD.

First Sample: Pitch Black base, 75g/gal coastal in a gloss finish 

Second Sample: Wicked White base, 75g/gal of Coastal in a gloss finish