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CarPro So2Pure Odor Eliminator

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CarPro So2Pure Odor Eliminator

SO2Pure is an advanced air purification coating based on the latest Tio2 nano technology!  In the presence of light, active oxygen is formed and excited on the SO2Pure treated surfaces, which quickly destroys all micro-sized air pollutants that previously existed or land on it after application.  This includes neutralization of organic odors, cigarette smoke, petrol fumes, smog, exhaust gases, chemical off-gassing or VOCs from car fabric, plastic, and air toxins!

SO2Pure is safe, non-toxic, pH neutral, colorless, and odorless, and can be applied to virtually any surface of your cars interior such as headliner, seat, ceiling, dashboard, and side panels.  Furthermore SO2Pure coats the surfaces inside your vehicle and attacks future odor molecules as they come into contact with it.   

Type of Product:  Contaminant Removal Spray



  1. Clean and dry dirty surfaces before use.
  2. Spray SO2Pure.
  3. Wipe with Microfiber towel.
  4. Allow to dry.


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 (1) CarPro So2Pure Odor Eliminator

Sizes: 1 Liter (34oz), 120ml (4oz)

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