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CarPro Perl Tire & Plastic Waterbased Protectant

  • $ 1599

CarPro Perl

This is a DIP SAFE waterbased plastic and tire dressing and protectant! perfect for dipped wheels, trim, and cars!

CarPro PERL is a water-based, silicon-oxide multi-use dressing for trim and tires. Safe to use on all interior and exterior plastic, rubber, vinyl, and modern leather surfaces, PERL offers sophisticated UV-Inhibitors and an advanced waterborne acrylic-resin system to provide superior water-repellency over conventional dressings. PERL restores richness of color to faded materials leaving behind a matte to semi-gloss finish depending upon dilution level (Up to 5:1), making PERL both versatile and economical to use.

Waterborne Silicone-Oxide Dressing
UV and Water Resistant
Suitable for Tyres, Plastic Rubber, Vinyl, and Leather Trim