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CarPro Iron X

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CarPro Iron X

Iron X is highly effective, acid-free and pH balanced. CarPro Iron X stops rust spots and pre-mature failure of the clear coat by making short work of iron contaminant removal across the entire vehicle!

Iron X contains unique chemical ingredients that effectively dissolve the sintered iron by forming a water soluble iron complex. Iron X opens up the paint's pores to release ferrous particles and to neutralize caustic compounds that have developed in the paint's subsurface. Ongoing damage is immediately stopped, and future damage is prevented, by removing the ferrous particles.

Type of Product:  Contaminant Removal Spray



  1. Shake bottle.
  2. Wash vehicle, rinse vehicle, and remove the majority of the water with a quick towel "once-over". 
  3. Spray Iron X across the contaminated area.
  4. After 2 ~ 5 minutes rinse off or wash off if dried (depending on environment and temperatures).
  5. Verify all Iron X is completely removed and then dry vehicle.
  6. Remove nozzle and replace cap after use (to avoid leakage).


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Sizes: 1 Gallon, 1 Liter (34oz), 500ml (17oz), 50ml

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