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CarPro Eraser (Degreaser and Stain remover)

  • $ 1499


This Liquid wrap safe degreaser works great for removing stains, road debris, and bird droppings from your vehicles finish!

CarPro Eraser is an intensive cleaner to remove oils, silicones, and polishing dust from all hard vehicle surfaces to ensure maximum bonding performance of protection products, including the CQuartz line of Nanotechnology coatings. Eraser can also be used as a post-polish inspection fluid to remove fillers and product residues, as well as a cleaner for automotive glass to remove heavy nicotine or traffic films. Eraser’s special blend of alcohols and surfactants is safe to use on delicate surfaces, and contains no harmful petroleum distillates.


  • Eraser contains no silicone and is completely safe for use in paint shops and body shops.
  • Liquid wrap safe ( DIY and Professional)
  • Great product to remove dust, debris, polish, and fillers prior to coating a vehicle in a ceramic coating or liquid wrap!

Body Shop Safe Intensive Oil Remover
Refreshing Scent
Anti-Static Effect