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CarPro Eraser

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CarPro Eraser

An excellent all around cleaner, eraser was specifically designed for the complete removal of polishing oils for inspection and prior to the application of CQUARTZ or any other coating, wax, or sealant.  

Eraser breaks down polish residue as well as removing dust. It has the added bonus of cleaning better than an ordinary IPA, due to its patented degreasing formula. Eraser makes it possible for everyone to get the perfectly clean surface prior to the application of CQUARTZ or any other coating, wax, or sealant.

Type of Product:  Polish & Oil Remover



Paint Cleaning Directions:

  1. Fold Crazy Pile or CARPRO 2 Face Towel twice (forming a folded 8”x8” area)
  2. Spray liberally across 2-3 Sq Ft. area and one or 2 spritz on your towel and immediately wipe off.  
  3. When wiping place your folded towel flat against the surface and use even pressure.
  4. Wipe in a sweeping motion as you turn corners (not a stop and start motion)
  5. Utilize a “secondary” towel with a spritz of Eraser for a final wipe before moving on.

Glass Cleaning Directions:

  1. Pair with a Cloudbuster glass cleaning towel for superior results. 
  2. Spray the surface.  
  3. Wipe surface using Cloudbuster or quality non-linting microfiber.
  4. Follow with secondary towel that you do not allow to become saturated with cleaner. (Secondary Towel)


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 Sizes: 1 Gallon, 1 Liter (34oz), 500ml (17oz), 50ml

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