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Carpro CQuartz Applicator - Alpha Pigments - Tamco Paint - DIY Epoxy - Autoflex Coatings

Carpro CQuartz Applicator

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CarPro CQuartz Applicator

CQuartz (Foam Block) Applicator New: Side slits to press the corners of the suede into the applicator with a plastic card or similar before use. It is wrap with 4" CARPRO USA suede microfiber cloths. CQuartz Applicator is used to apply CQUARTZ, CQ UK, Finest, DLUX, CQ Fabric & Leather, and other products. With the CQUARTZ coatings this allows you to change the applicator cloth as needed because you do not want to re-use them if you have allowed the coating to cure on them for very long.


Type of Product: Applicator


  1. Wrap with mf suede.
  2. Dispose of 4" suede and replace as needed after use with CQUARTZ.


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 (1) Carpro CQuartz Applicator


Size: 3.5" x 1.5" x 1"


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