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2k Single Stage Topcoat Spray Can | Car-Rep

  • $ 2499

 Car-Rep Automotive 2K Epoxy Single Stage Topcoat Spray Can

YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT! This is an EPOXY based single stage! Which means this product can be sprayed Direct-To-Metal or "DTM".

These spray cans are unlike anything you have seen before. They use patented technology to create a user experience unlike any other. Gone are the days of having short pot life times with your 2k cans, having to press a button on the bottom to activate then rush to use every last drop, and most importantly : NO MORE WASTED PRODUCT!

Car-Rep has developed a system in which the paint activates as it is sprayed, instead of mixing inside the can! This means: NO POT LIFE, NO WASTED PRODUCT, & MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET!

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Type of Product: 2k Epoxy Single Stage Topcoat Spray Can

OPTIONS: 11.3oz - Gloss Black or Matte Black


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