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Alpha Shine

  • $ 1000
  • $ 1000

Alpha shine

is a 16oz detail spray that is specially formulated to create a smooth, UV resistant barrier on top of your liquid wraps.

To Apply:

  1. Make sure the car is clean and dry! (Alpha wash is recommended)
  2. Spray Alpha Shine onto a smooth micro fiber towel
  3. Mist a panel of the car very lightly with Alpha shine
  4. Wipe the misted panel with the smooth micro fiber towel until there are no streaks and mostly dry.
  5. Repeat for each panel of the car until every panel has been applied with alpha shine!
  6. Now Feel your Liquid wrap and admire its shine and smoothness!

*Tested and works great on factory paint,Halo efx base gallons, Halo efx true gloss, Autoflex, Plastidip, Dip pearl top coat, Raail protek, and Lux Coatings* 


Before applying to any other coating, test a small area and see how it reacts before putting on a car.


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