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Traditional Bare Skate Deck

  • $ 1300

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Traditional Bare Skate Deck


Bare wood and ready to be customized! 

Type of Product: Skate Decks

How to paint them:

  1. Spot with glaze or wood filler any cracks/splinters from manufacturing process *as needed*
  2. Sand entire board with 180 grit sand paper
  3. prime with Tamco 5300 (or primer of your choosing)
  4. sand primer with 400-600 wet sand paper
  5. basecoat/graphics/clearcoat

*These are designed for artwork, not for heavy riding purposes, only light use.*


Made of Maple wood


Length: 31"

Width: 8"

Thickness: 1/2" (approximately)


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  (1) Traditional Bare Skate Deck

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